How Many Thirty-One Bags Does It Take To Go To A Thirty-One National Conference?

We drove through the night: Me to Lowell to pick up one, then to Chebanse to pick up three more! Then down to Georgia.



They were so nice to let us in our hotel room early! We took naps.


The other girls signed up for extra training today, but I stayed back to complete an exam. (ARGH!)

When I completed that I went out to explore and pick up a sandwich for dinner.  I learned that downtown Atlanta is not very walkable. At least not the part WE are in.

On the way in I stopped off at the rooftop pool where I enjoyed the cool breeze that was sweeping in to give this city a break from the heat.


**Thirty-One paid for my registration fee because I was able to reach a certain goal in sales. This is just ONE of the awesome benefits of being a consultant and I LOVE it!

Going To Work ~ Thirty-One Style!

One of my many hats is a relief worker at a Respite House for individuals with developmental disabilities.  It is a flexible position for me while I am working on my studies because I can just pick up shifts when I feel I am able. Translated that means: they call and beg me to pick up a couple of shifts during busy weekends.  Usually I take midnights so I can study. This past weekend I worked 2 midnights. It usually takes me a day to recover from feeling zombie-like.

Here is what I took with me:


I bring a Lunch Break Thermal because even though there is a fridge (and I live practically down the street), the fridge is usually over-stuffed on busy weekends.

My Organizing Utility Tote carried my encyclopedia-sized statistics books, computer, socks and sweatshirt (it may be 80 degrees outside but it is always FREEZING in that house!), and I stuff the 7 outside pockets with my coffee (small Nalgene water bottle) scientific calculator, adapters, mouse, water (large Nalgene in the side mesh pocket), and other odds and ends.

I always keep my pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters, stapler, etc in a pencil pouch (discontinued item) even at home so I can grab it and go when I am going to study somewhere.

Every-Wear Wallet is my current purse. Mini Zipper Pouch for my camera.

I am able to carry so much stuff yet I don’t feel like I am so bulky I wont fit through the door when I get there. The OUT is heavy with my books and such, but it fits so comfortably over my shoulder. With my Every-Wear Wallet as my purse my hands are free to carry my Lunch Break Thermal and keys with ease and no juggling when I need to open doors.

Family Fun Adventures ~ Thirty-One Style!

We are so spoiled with a drive-in just 12 minutes away from us! It is such a fun adventure on a summer night.


We used to park way in the back, but we recently discovered how fun it is to be right up front!

During early summer I stock pile the blankets and warmer clothing as the nights are still chilly.

I was still using the Easy Breezy Tote as my purse. I carried clothes and books in my Organizing Utility Tote. I made a smores snack with Pillsbury dough and used the Lunch Break Thermal to keep them WARM! Yes! Have you ever used the thermals to keep food hot?! It works!


When we went to the drive-in last night it was HOT! HOT! HOT! 91 degrees when we arrived at 7:30pm and 81 degrees when we left at 12:30am.  Well, me being me I still ended up putting on some long sleeves half-way through the first movie!

I switched to the Every-Wear Wallet for my “purse” (it comes with a long strap to wear over the shoulder or cross-body) because I just felt like freeing myself of heavy, bulky bags for a while. I must say, though, I do not feel as prepared without everything I could possibly need for every situation! 😀  You can see my hang-up key fob and I am still using a Mini Zipper Pouch with my monogram as my camera bag.  Easy Breezy for extra clothes, books, MOSQUITO SPRAY and the mosquito do-hicky that you put a wee propane cartridge in.  Since it was so hot I used the Out and About Thermal, not to keep things cold, but to keep them from MELTING! And I had my Picnic Thermal for frozen water bottles and nutella cream cheese dip (this is on my Pinterest board “Nutella Love” GO CHECK IT OUT!).

July 17, 2007, Glencoe

I would like to diversify my blog a bit by adding random posts from travels, daily experiences, and cooking/baking experiments.

Today I wanted to step back in time. I am feeling rather nostalgic about our life in Scotland.

Backdrop: We had been living in Scotland almost 2 years. While we had planned on staying much longer for Josh to get his PhD, we had some family stuff and made a decision to move back home.  During our last month there we tried to fit in as many experiences as possible and sometimes our friends helped us get there.

I fell in love with Glencoe and it is still my most favorite place in the world.

Here is my post about our last trip to this magical, mystical place, Glencoe.

I Went Camping This Weekend.


Rolling Weekender Suitcase: clothes, duh!

Easy Breezy: purse, still

LUT/Double Thermal Organizer: items I did not want to melt in the July heat

LUT/Single Organizer: non-snack items I would not be reaching for often

Organizing Utility Tote: snack items to keep near the picnic table, sunscreen and bug spray in the pockets

Out and About Thermal: smores stuff for easy reach (and so the chocolate and marshmallows don’t melt!)

Mini Zipper Pouch (off to the side of the table): camera

I kept the LUT in the Jeep and just took out the Double Thermal Organizer as needed during meals. So easy and convenient!

Little House In The Big Woods

I had the pleasure of visiting my college roommate and her lovely family in northern Wisconsin.  I mean, NORTHERN Wisconsin!  So far out there we had to take miles of dirt road to get to the house! Hours before we even got there I said to my husband, “I can see why Pa thought it was overcrowded here!” Said ironically, of course.

We love being outdoors. But by some fluke the skeeters and biting flies knew we were coming and hatched millions of extra eggs. Oh, and the rain. The heavens made sure to open before our arrival as well.  We were practically covered in mud and bites just minutes into our hikes!

And a heat wave started just after our arrival. This IS NORTHERN Wisconsin! We didn’t expect anything higher than 75!  Well, the day after our arrival I was wearing long pants and my friend’s husband said in his (now weaker) Irish accent, “How can ye be wearin’ long pants?!” Of course, it WAS 72 degrees-for-Pete’s-sake!

No really, it did get up to around 85 and hiking,/heat/sun/mud-mud-mud/skeeters/biting flies/possibly-bears/wolves do not make for a pleasant day outdoors.  We did one hike in record time because we were literally RUNNING from the mosquitoes!