Little House In The Big Woods

I had the pleasure of visiting my college roommate and her lovely family in northern Wisconsin.  I mean, NORTHERN Wisconsin!  So far out there we had to take miles of dirt road to get to the house! Hours before we even got there I said to my husband, “I can see why Pa thought it was overcrowded here!” Said ironically, of course.

We love being outdoors. But by some fluke the skeeters and biting flies knew we were coming and hatched millions of extra eggs. Oh, and the rain. The heavens made sure to open before our arrival as well.  We were practically covered in mud and bites just minutes into our hikes!

And a heat wave started just after our arrival. This IS NORTHERN Wisconsin! We didn’t expect anything higher than 75!  Well, the day after our arrival I was wearing long pants and my friend’s husband said in his (now weaker) Irish accent, “How can ye be wearin’ long pants?!” Of course, it WAS 72 degrees-for-Pete’s-sake!

No really, it did get up to around 85 and hiking,/heat/sun/mud-mud-mud/skeeters/biting flies/possibly-bears/wolves do not make for a pleasant day outdoors.  We did one hike in record time because we were literally RUNNING from the mosquitoes!



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