Family Fun Adventures ~ Thirty-One Style!

We are so spoiled with a drive-in just 12 minutes away from us! It is such a fun adventure on a summer night.


We used to park way in the back, but we recently discovered how fun it is to be right up front!

During early summer I stock pile the blankets and warmer clothing as the nights are still chilly.

I was still using the Easy Breezy Tote as my purse. I carried clothes and books in my Organizing Utility Tote. I made a smores snack with Pillsbury dough and used the Lunch Break Thermal to keep them WARM! Yes! Have you ever used the thermals to keep food hot?! It works!


When we went to the drive-in last night it was HOT! HOT! HOT! 91 degrees when we arrived at 7:30pm and 81 degrees when we left at 12:30am.  Well, me being me I still ended up putting on some long sleeves half-way through the first movie!

I switched to the Every-Wear Wallet for my “purse” (it comes with a long strap to wear over the shoulder or cross-body) because I just felt like freeing myself of heavy, bulky bags for a while. I must say, though, I do not feel as prepared without everything I could possibly need for every situation! 😀  You can see my hang-up key fob and I am still using a Mini Zipper Pouch with my monogram as my camera bag.  Easy Breezy for extra clothes, books, MOSQUITO SPRAY and the mosquito do-hicky that you put a wee propane cartridge in.  Since it was so hot I used the Out and About Thermal, not to keep things cold, but to keep them from MELTING! And I had my Picnic Thermal for frozen water bottles and nutella cream cheese dip (this is on my Pinterest board “Nutella Love” GO CHECK IT OUT!).


Love to hear from ya!

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