Unboxing My National Conference Kit!

More free stuff! Can’t go wrong with that. And what’s even better is the free items are from our new catalog! Woo-Hoo!

Since I earned National Conference for free I also got a kit that included the new Medium Thermal Zipper Pouch, Perfect Bottle Thermal, Free To Be Carry-All, and the not-new-but-in-the-new-pattern Cosmetic Bag Set!

I feel so luck to be with Thirty-One. Just in the last few weeks I have gotten $370 in free products AND my $200 National Conference fee was paid for!

I wanted you to share the in excitement of my lasted package, and I KNOW you have been dying to see some of the new products and patterns. These will be available starting September 1, 2013, so book your parties NOW before my dates are filled. You will want this stuff for FREE because there will be too many great products to choose from!  I would be happy to set up a catalog party or facilitate a Facebook party for you.


Love to hear from ya!

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