Back On Track

It has been a little too long since I last posted!  Let’s get started with….ta ha!!!

A wonderfully new fall catalog!


I just love the new patterns and products.

And so many fun ways to organize!


Aren’t these colors sooooo pretty!?



Take a look at the catalog.

Then join my Facebook group and tell me what your favorite pattern or product is.

Promising Picks

I am so honored to have the opportunity to offer a special group of products to my customers.

These are items that may be in future catalogs and I get give my customers an exclusive chance to purchase these special items!

If you would like more info, hop over to my private Facebook group, “What’s In Your Tote Today?”

cat2 cat9.

Thirty-One On America’s Got Talent

My husband says I can spot a Thirty-One bag a mile away. And he is right!

This bag flashed on the screen for about a second and I popped out of my seat and said, “That was a Thirty-One bag!”


Did you spot it?

Do you know what IT is?

I will also tell you that this is your hint for next month’s special!  Eeeee!!!

So if this is what the STARS’ hair an makeup artists use, does that make you want to just run out and get one right now because of how practical and handy (and, eh-hem, stylish!) it is?!

Well, you CAN’T run out and get one, but I CAN tell how HOW to get one! 😀