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April Customer Special

It’s a great one!

Exclusive totes!

pro1 pro2

Slip your yoga mat, towel, sweater, etc. through the front sleeve.


Keep your shoes separate from everything else in the tote.


Large back pocket.


Mesh pockets inside.


A jewelry strap for bracelets, necklaces, even holes for earrings!

I love that Thirty-One thinks of details like this!

april pro1

The All-Pro Tote and Pro Duffle are only $25 when you spend $35!

Icons are on sale, too! Just $7 without text or $10 with text.  There are also 3 new icons you can get this month!

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March Customer Special

march tote banner

March totes

I always see March as the light at the end of the tunnel. Could we really be seeing an end to this winter soon?! AH!

March also offers a great special! Which bag will you be getting? I am really excited about the coral mod dot Retro Metro Fold-Over, but I LOVED the Easy Breezy Tote for my summer trips and stuffing all my little souvenir treasures when shopping on vacation. It will be tough to decide this month!


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A Trip To Paradise





It has been a month since we returned.

Some of you are aware that I was saving my Thirty-One commission to help pay for our trip to see my SIL married in Maui.

We flew out during the huge storm in Chicagoland that totally and literally shut down all of the roads in NW Indiana.

Our first flight was cancelled. The next flight I was given was 2 1/2 days later. We would fly from Chicago, to Boston, to Forth Worth, to Maui. It would take about 24 hours and we would arrive AFTER the rehearsal.

I was on the phone for a total of 5 hours that day. It was a 2 hour wait to speak to someone from the airline. When I finally spoke with someone they said, “You will just have to keep an eye on the website and call when a flight becomes available.” And I wondered IF I flight did become available, will it STILL be available after my 2 hour wait to speak with someone?

A flight DID become available. Begin the 2 hour wait. And the refreshing of the webpage every 3 minutes.

I finally spoke with a man who was surprisingly cheerful after probably dealing with angry customers all day long.

My heart dropped when he said, “Oh, the thing about those seats is…”. But he must have been looking at the first class seats that were available.  I certainly did not have first class seats!

Then he said, “OH! I see! I will certainly book you for those seats right away!”. He must have found the seats I had been looking at for the last 2 hours on my screen, PRAYING they would not disappear into some abyss.

In the end, I got the seats on an itinerary that was even better than our original! We flew directly to Honolulu where we had the best layover I have ever experienced!


After wondering through the open airport (we had to strip out of our 500 layers of clothing because it was 92 degrees warmer than the icy Chicago we had left!), smelling the saltwater air, gazing at the palm trees, refreshing ourselves with dinner in the courtyard, we settled for the last 30 minutes in a fast food area where we found a place to get charged.


The wedding was fun and relaxed..


The bride was beautiful…

DSC_1220 copy

The bride and groom were so happy…


And we enjoyed a little bit of paradise.


Our flight home was less eventful. Our systems were tricked into believing we had been experiencing summer. The first time we saw Christmas decorations Josh told me he thought, “Boy, they leave them up for a long time here!” We sorta forgot we had just celebrated Christmas about 2 weeks before! We were not looking forward to going back to freezing temps and putting our coats back on, but we were thankful that it was not the -15 we had left a week earlier!

We are so lucky to now have ohana (family) in Hawaii!

February Customer Special

The new Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote has been one of our most popular items in the Spring catalog and now I am excited that you can get it for only $10!

And not only that!

Personalization is just $5 this month! Woo-hoo!


And here are a few cute ideas for how to bundle your Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote as a gift or to use for yourself!

baby1 baby2 teacherbeach