Back On Track

It has been a little too long since I last posted!  Let’s get started with….ta ha!!!

A wonderfully new fall catalog!


I just love the new patterns and products.

And so many fun ways to organize!


Aren’t these colors sooooo pretty!?



Take a look at the catalog.

Then join my Facebook group and tell me what your favorite pattern or product is.

Going To Work ~ Thirty-One Style!

One of my many hats is a relief worker at a Respite House for individuals with developmental disabilities.  It is a flexible position for me while I am working on my studies because I can just pick up shifts when I feel I am able. Translated that means: they call and beg me to pick up a couple of shifts during busy weekends.  Usually I take midnights so I can study. This past weekend I worked 2 midnights. It usually takes me a day to recover from feeling zombie-like.

Here is what I took with me:


I bring a Lunch Break Thermal because even though there is a fridge (and I live practically down the street), the fridge is usually over-stuffed on busy weekends.

My Organizing Utility Tote carried my encyclopedia-sized statistics books, computer, socks and sweatshirt (it may be 80 degrees outside but it is always FREEZING in that house!), and I stuff the 7 outside pockets with my coffee (small Nalgene water bottle) scientific calculator, adapters, mouse, water (large Nalgene in the side mesh pocket), and other odds and ends.

I always keep my pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters, stapler, etc in a pencil pouch (discontinued item) even at home so I can grab it and go when I am going to study somewhere.

Every-Wear Wallet is my current purse. Mini Zipper Pouch for my camera.

I am able to carry so much stuff yet I don’t feel like I am so bulky I wont fit through the door when I get there. The OUT is heavy with my books and such, but it fits so comfortably over my shoulder. With my Every-Wear Wallet as my purse my hands are free to carry my Lunch Break Thermal and keys with ease and no juggling when I need to open doors.