Tote-ally Awesome Special!

Well, it is finally here! Our most popular special!


Are you good at spotting Thirty-One? Well, sharpen your skills and head on over to my Facebook group where you can win a FREE Large Utility Tote!

Book a party soon so you can get your Deluxe Utility Tote for only $10!!! Talk to me about catalog and Facebook parties!

How Many Apples?

I really look forward to apple picking each year. My husband enjoys it because he can use the apple picker toy he bought one year.


We have a great orchard near us that has nearly anything you can imagine. We picked raspberries, too.

One year we picked peaches.

apples LUT

I have a fun game going on over at my Facebook page.

apples LUT1

How many apples do YOU think are in this Large Utility Tote?

How much do you think these apples weigh?

Facebook: Deliverance Bougie – Simpliorganyz

I Went Camping This Weekend.


Rolling Weekender Suitcase: clothes, duh!

Easy Breezy: purse, still

LUT/Double Thermal Organizer: items I did not want to melt in the July heat

LUT/Single Organizer: non-snack items I would not be reaching for often

Organizing Utility Tote: snack items to keep near the picnic table, sunscreen and bug spray in the pockets

Out and About Thermal: smores stuff for easy reach (and so the chocolate and marshmallows don’t melt!)

Mini Zipper Pouch (off to the side of the table): camera

I kept the LUT in the Jeep and just took out the Double Thermal Organizer as needed during meals. So easy and convenient!